Sunday, July 10, 2005

Belated Cat

Click for larger view

Also titled "DJ by lamplight".

Got home about 3 Friday afternoon, and DJ seemed glad to see me. She hasn't let me far out of her sight during the times I have been home, and has been a little chattier than normal.

And she's so chatty normally that I'm convinced there's a considerable amount of Siamese in her blood-line. Additional proof is the shape of her face - as Ms Candide has pointed out.

Alexandria dropped by daily to feed and visit with our friend, and reports that DJ was well behaved.

I left the radio tuned to a 24-hour classical music station (KCSC, Edmond) so DJ wouldn't be quite so lonely. I think she may be a little smarter now than she was four days ago.

Not that she needs to be that much smarter. She has me wrapped around her back paw as it is.
I shall be posting about my time in Watonga in detail soon. I expect there will be at least three entries forthcoming.

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