Friday, July 01, 2005

Cat Friday

DJ Stretches
Here's the lady doing one of her yoga exercises. She has suggested that I post a picture of myself every so often. She's not comfortable being the only model around here.

Here's a shot our friend Alexandria took this past Sunday.

Jonah Plays
I am leading rehearsal for the Cathedral's Taize service. Someone else actually led the music during service, but she was in a play prior to service. So I volunteered to lead rehearsal.

You may note that I'm wearing a watch. This is relatively rare for the weekend, when I like to remove time's shackle. But I did want to be mindful of chronos leading up to the time appointed for pre-service silence.

Rehearsal went well. We rehearsed one hymn a cappella, after I had played the beginning bass-tenor-alto triad, and it sounded marvelous. This was a testament to our regular director, who has patiently led us through each song, part-by-part.

The regular choir director flew in about five minutes before service, and all went well.

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