Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Off Line

I will be out of town through Friday evening, and will likely be off-line through Saturday or Sunday.

I am going to Watonga (a little over an hour west of OKC) with a group offering Vacation Bible School (VBS) to the local children. The community is primarily Native American and Hispanic. This VBS is part of the Episcopal Church's missionary work to Native Americans. This will be the second year I have been part of theis work.

I wrote about last year's trip extensively, in about four parts. My favorite of those four appears here, and includes links to the remaining three parts.

This Saturday, I will be an assistant proctor for an exam on campus (it's a paying gig). This will take the better part of the day, so I'm not likely to be on-line for long.

Send positive vibes, or prayers (as you prefer) Watonga way. I'll chat more - much more - when I return.

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