Friday, November 11, 2005

Cat Friday

Her royal catness has granted permission to post an image of a cat other than herself. This is Gracie, looking very much like a seal-point Siamese, though her heritage is unknown. Gracie lives with one of my co-workers, and is reportedly as much of a nudnik as DJ.

Meanwhile, I've written a song for DJ. It's almost too cute for public consumption, but I thought you guys might appreciate a break given the weightier entries I've made the past couple of days.
Who's the kitty?
Who's the kitty?
Who's the pretty girl?
Who's the little lady
dark & grey & playing?
Who's the cutest fur ball in the world?

With each mouse infraction,
She will spring to action;
She's the mighty huntress of our world!

Here she comes, there she goes, here she comes again
There she comes, where she goes, here she comes again!
The tune starts off by climbing the scale for the first two lines, and then veers off to "Rawhide". Go figure.

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