Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Idée d’jour

Zen is a reality even prior to heaven or earth.
— Daito Kokushi [Zen Calendar, ©2004 Workman Press]
In other news, I am soon out the door to travel to the mystical land of Tulsa, OK, where resides the Very Rt Rev Dr Omed. He is hosting his annual Solstice Celebration.

As is traditional, we will burn our "Will Be Gones" and "Will Be Dones" with appropriate words from the Grand Atheist Evangelist hisownself. A new wrinkle this year is the small lawn labyrinth the good doctor has constructed, incorporating selected fossils at appropriate points. I'm really looking forward to seeing the labyrinth.

You may add your "Gones" and "Dones" in the comments; they will be burned by proxy.

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