Sunday, December 25, 2005

New Tradition

I've figured out what my new tradition is. It's not by choice, mind you, which explains why it was necessary to "figure out" what the tradition was.

As I mentioned last week, when I was given the duty to decorate the tree when I became a pre-teen. I made paper chains, strung popcorn, carefully hung the heirloom ornaments and the lights. All while listening to Firestone Christmas Albums. Once, I stacked four or five lp's on the record changer.

After my crisis of faith, and all that, I chose a new tradition: I chose an acquaintance's child, and bought him or her a present. I actually continued that tradition this year by buying a present for an anonymous child, at one of our less well-off mission churches.

Pretty good traditions.

What I discerned Wednesday, as I was helping Dr. Omed complete his labyrinth, is my new tradition is getting sick over the holidays. I've been fighting a cold for a month, with some success. But being out in the chill (~40°) did me in. Lost my voice. Couldn't sing when the time came. Couldn't sing last night, for Christmas service. Praying I can speak later this morning (in about an hour), when I am called to do so.

This is a tradition I perhaps need to change.

I'll have a belated Friday Cat, and further report on my visit to Dr. Omed's See later. For now, must dash to church.

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