Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Symbol

The symbol does not resemble itself.
It scintillates cymbalically.
The symbol may be sibilant,
but it is not serpentine
nor a phallus from cave ascending.
The symbol smiles seductively.
The symbol raises an eyebrow,
lowers the lids, drops the eyes.
It peers from behind a curtain.

The symbol does not share my face.
It dances because it wants to.
It leaps wildly in dusty snow.
The symbol wears motley.
The symbol wears a turtleneck.
The symbol comes naked.
It hangs on your arm like a shield.
It caresses your cheek.
It peers into your frozen eyes.

The symbol senses second thoughts.
The symbol loves the mirror's ghost.
It hastens blue sky warnings,
melts mindful clouds,
soars from earth's core to Pluto.
The symbol is small.
It questions its own heartbeat.
It blooms like winter pansies.
The symbol is infinite.

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