Sunday, June 11, 2006

New Moon Planting

Dill 06May13 .

Unknown 06May13.

After visiting Brother Dave's estates, I was inspired to attempt some planting. Linda is a member of the local Master Gardener society, and has done some lovely landscaping. I was especially impressed with plants that drew butterflies (such as lantana), and vowed to do something similar when I got home.

Linda strongly advised I look at local nurseries rather than box stores, such as Home Despot. She had recommended several plants, and I settled on lantana and dill. I went to a farmer's market sponsored by a local vo-tech. I bought lantana and dill (about $3 total). The lady who sold me the dill said basil would draw butterflies as well.

My cyber friend, Sam, had blogged that the new moon was an excellent time to plant things. She suggested they would come to fruition by the full moon.

By the time I got the plants home, it was too hot to think about planting. I set them on a shaded window sill. It was a windy afternoon, and the lantana blew off. It looked pretty sad when I got around to planting it, and it has subsequently wilted away.

Ironically, my neighbor (who is also quite a gardener) pointed out that some lantana had volunteered itself on the east side of my house. Well, I'm not so obsessive that I need to have all my "butterfly plants" in one place. It can stay where it's happy.

Dill 06June11 .

Unknown 06June11

The full moon is tonight. As you can see from these photographs, Sam was right.

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