Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Five: Basic W's

Suggested by Reverend Mother

who brought the asparagus
who stole the cheese
who wavered in ecstasy
who dreamed snow worship
who spoke for Venus, and knelt for mercy

what was the harbinger
what was the ether
what dreamed the spaceship
what breathed ice and heartbeats
what was I thinking

where did I sleep in my dreams
where did I lay my glasses
where does the hart transgress
where is Pluto and his lover
where did I dream you

when was it possible
when she was seeing Alturas
when our foibles were naked before G-d
when the bed unfolds to great us
when it's five til midnight

why was I dreaming of you
why were you preaching Amos
why were you dancing
why do words spring into fireworks
why is why is why

how can I speak of this
how can I reveal hidden knowledge
how are the turnips and asparagus
how do you sleep how do I sleep without you
how do you do

Post 1762

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