Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Seven Ways to Say Yes

  1. Ice white as snow
    brown grass designs
    a rorschach lawn

  2. A smile as thin as New Hampshire
    or as long as California
    or as wide as Texas
    or as false as Wall Street.

  3. Eyes bright as a new moon
    or as broad as the Milky Way.
    Eyes searching eyes or busy crowds.
    Eyes evening drowsy.
    Eyes with pupils
    dancing like sweep second hands

  4. Fingernails, songs at their tips,
    half moons under
    quarter light

  5. Warm hand on hand
    Head on shoulder
    Word echoing word
    Twilight laps
    and morning arms

  6. Now the day is short
    now the wind is white
    now the air is fire
    now the sun is hidden
    now we go forth
    now we forget our dreams
    now we forge youth
    now we ponder these visions
    we descend to honor
    we ascend to defeat
    we go forth
    we become our dreams

  7. Yes, I will
    Yes, I am here
    I am listening
    I am with you
    I'll meet you where you are
    I do not know you but I want to
    Thank you Thank you Thank you

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