Thursday, March 18, 2004


In ten days (i.e., March 28th), I will be celebrating one year of posting on this web-log. The first entry is political in nature, as are most of the entries which follow it. The first several months I was writing for this space the topics were exclusively political or religious, with a rare reflection on what was happening in my personal life. God only knows how many words I've written over the past year, but it might fill a small book.

Then, in July, I met George Wallace, the poet laurette of Suffolk County, New York. I gave George a copy of a poem it had taken me a year and a half to finish, and he asked if he could publish it in his on-line journal Poetry Bay.

Wow! Just learned that the new issue in on-line, and my poem is published. My name is the fourth one down.

Anyway, two things came from that meeting: first, feeling accepted by a professional poet. Second, learning the discipline of writing a poem a day, which Mr. Wallace had learned from William Stafford. These two stimuli lead to a renewed interest in writing poetry, which then lead to the Postcard Poetry series. This series is represented by FIVE table of contents pages!

Want to help me celebrate my anniversary? Work with me to select the top ten best entries over the past year. Write me with your nominees. Most of the archive links to your left are active (except for many for last April); you don't need to provide the link, but the title or topic of the entry will be helpful. Be sure to mention your favorite photographs or poems while you're at it.

I've enjoyed maintaining this blog. With any luck, my writing skills have improved over the past year. Lastly, I thank you for visiting, and for your occasional comments.

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