Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Open Postcard to Augustine

Natalie, whose alter-ego Augustine blogs at "Blaugustine", asked whether the altered photograph which appeared with Friday's postcard poem was an alter ego.

I'll admit I have not thought of it in that way before. I've given myself any number of pseudonyms, which have largely been motivated by my mood at the time: Jason, Jonah, jac, and so on. With the exception of the postcards which take place on my invented "skerry" (indexed here and here — see especially the cards dated August 10, 2003 through August 30, 2003), these names have not had an identity or life independent of my own.

Natalie also asks: “Are the poems by you and sent to the persons whose names are on the right? Or are they by those people and sent to you?” I have written the poems, and they are directed to Elsie — whose name appears on the right.

Since Natalie's questions inspired today's prose poem postcard, it seemed appropriate to address the card to her alter-ego, Augustine. I trust Elsie won't mind.

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