Friday, February 13, 2004


written circa 1978
and shall the Morning come like some Chariot
will it be an unsung Tune
will we watch it from our Window
in our rosey Room

and will the Sun blow out each Star
like Beads on a Rosary
or a Hand opening an Envelope
return addressed Eternity

with lines of Love on the Sky.
Will Light appear a Revelation
to Patterned Clouds asking why
Dust is hanging on their Salvation.

This early Person walking down the street
told me about finger-printed Parking Meters
he told me how they were dangerous
with evil Designs which couldn't be neater

so he got a black Eye from dealing
illigitimate Tarot Cards
& his Memories were Black & White Photos
his Letters were all too hard

to read. Listening to crazy Jazz at
four o'clock in the Foggy Morning
he was considered Mentally Safe
but his soul was still at war.

That was another Story
when we were watching the Movie
he was lost in Glory
and he ran off the Bridge.

Will it be a Mysterious Beginning
or a cleansing of the Ghost Sky
will there be an Angel Chorus
& new Dreams before us
On a whim, I've posted a poem I selected at random from one of my old notebooks. Do you think it shows promise? Have I improved?

BTW – composition on the "work in progress" (below) continues sub-rosa. As it were.

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