Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Belated Lectio Divina for Epiphany 6, 14.Feb.2004

Reading.  Luke 6:17-26

The thin places.
Where earth meets sky.
Where the clouds meet the mountains.
The depths of the deeps, Leviathan's sport.

The thin places.
St. Brigit's pool (home of Goddess Brigid)
Stonehenge's circle of stone.
Jacob's stone pillow.
Quartz Mountain.
The corner of my room,
where a small altar stands.

The thin places of my life,
when all I could pray for was bread.
When my heart has broken,
and light could enter
through the cracks.
When my heart has overflowed,
and I could not remain blind
to its celestial fire.

The thin places.
Where past and future collapse
into eternal now.
Where the divine spark within leaps up,
rejoicing to greet the divine spark
that breaths all around us.

I will arise & refresh my spirit;
I will visit the thin places.
I hold the holy beads
and count the 150 songs
the thin places have taught my heart.
I walk forth in beauty.
I strive for justice.
I walk in the light.
I give thanks for the thin places
where my eyes could be open
to ever-present goodness & mercy.
I give thanks for the thin places
where the wind is blessing,
where the water is joy,
where my face is kissed by the divine.

Consider highs & lows in your life. Do you see patterns? Are these "thin places" where time has stood still?

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