Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Fragments: Toward A Life

Every word I write seems wrong. I can't even spell them right.
I'm just fuzzy this morning, drinking my green tea & honey.

I emptied the faucet before I drank from the river.
The water sprites rose from light and danced with me at the water's edge.

Where have you been? I've been walking the long twisty path
of my life. I've been exploring vague chemical cul-de-sacs.

Well, I sang the song. They prayed with me.
I sang the song. They applauded.

Gotta tell you, the blank screen ain't much better than a blank page.
I think I might have something to say.

Don't know how to say it. Can't speak for fear of revealing too much.
Funny thing is, if you were here right now I'd spill the whole tale.

I'd remember the punch-lines, and you would laugh.
I'd remember the tragedies, and you would wince.

And, maybe you would applaud or pray when I was done.
Maybe you would imagine you loved me when the final note was sung.

We would face each other across a table draped with silver
we'd sip cups of green tea and inhale the morning; or

we'd toast the occasion with ruby-encrusted cups
filled with stone wine.
This obliquely refers to the fact that I shared my "Faith Journey" at church last night. I've been rather much focused on that, and the day job, which explains why I haven't been posting entries of late. There's a possibility I'll be posting installments of my "Faith Journey" in this space. I'm still considering whether I'm brave enough to do that.

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