Wednesday, February 04, 2004

The Results Are In

This, from the AP wire, posted at 1:30 a.m. Oklahoma time:
Vote: Clark had 29.9 percent; Edwards 29.5 percent; Kerry 27 percent; Lieberman 6 percent; Dean 4 percent; Sharpton 1 percent; Kucinich less than 1 percent. State election officials said there were fewer than 1,000 provisional ballots still to be counted on Friday afternoon. Clark led by 1,275 votes.

Delegates: 40; Clark won 15, Edwards 13, Kerry 12.

Exit Poll: Just over half the voters in Oklahoma disapproved of the war, compared to seven in 10 in the four other states with exit polls, Arizona, Delaware, Missouri and South Carolina.
Not reported here is the approximately 10% who voted for Bill Wyatt in the Republican primary. Interesting that, of the Republicans who chose to vote, 10% voted for a man whose campaign is essentially a joke. He refers to himself as "the other white meat", for example. It's tempting to see this as a vote against the current White House resident.

For me, the especially good news is that "Holy Joe" Lieberman has dropped out of the race. Just the sound of the man's voice gave me hives. And that's before he starts talking about his policies.

When I went to bed last night, 2021 had voted for Kucinich; as noted, that's only 1% of Oklahoma's vote. But still, it's nice to know I wasn't the only person in favor of Dennis' populist policies.

The other good news, as reflected in the reported exit polls, is the fact so many who voted were focused on ousting the current Resident. Let us hope that "fire in the belly" can continue through November.

As for Kerry, I want to become more familiar with his platform. If he becomes the nominee, as seems likely, I will vote for him. But, it would be nice if it could be as much a vote "for" Kerry as it is a vote against Karl Rove's favorite marionette.

Oh, yeah, there were seven states having primaries yesterday, rather than eight as I claimed at 12:26 yesterday. As a political analyst, I make a pretty good poet. I promise you a new poem sometime today or tomorrow.

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