Monday, February 02, 2004

Warren Report on WMD

In NPR's report on the faux Prez's proposed commission to compare pre-war intelligence with current reality, the reporter used the phrase "similar to the Warren Commission." This CNN article does not repeat that phrase. One suspects the phrase originated from some functionary at the White House, but I can't be sure. Don't have time to do a detailed research.

In either case, it seems a poor choice of comparison. Any student of history, or fan of Oliver Stone, must be aware of how controversial the Warren Commission is. Granted, there are a number who support its findings (that Oswald acted alone in assasinating President Kennedy), but there is a larger number who question the methods used and the findings reached.

Based on the status of the current 9/11 commission — which the current administration has helped as little as possible — the "Warren" comparison may, in fact, be apt. My prediction: the ultimate report about WMD in Iraq will point at some innocuous functionary in the backrooms of the CIA. In other words, as far away from Karl Rove's favorite marionette as possible.

Tomorrow is the primary in Oklahoma. I've narrowed my choices down to Kucinich, Clark, and Dean, more or less in that order. I have no special desire to vote for Kerry just because the media has told me he's the front-runner. I'd rather vote for the guy I believe in rather than the current winner. My two major issues: the environment, and ridding the White House of the current proto-fascist residents. Kucinich rates high on the first issue. Considering Dean's recent flares of anger, how they've played in the media, and the number of clips available to Uncle Karl of various Democrats lamb-basting Dean, I think Gen. Clark might have a slight edge on the last point.

I promise to report my vote tomorrow. So, you pollsters will get it from at least one voter's mouth.

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