Thursday, May 12, 2005

Amusing Anecdotes

Mary T- told this story last Saturday, at the Folk Music Club:
My cousin teaches first grade. For music appreciation, she sent students to a listening lab. On this day, the kids were listening to folk music. Two little boys came back shortly after they had gone to the lab.

She asked them why they came back so soon.

"Teacher, they used naughty words on that tape."

It had been a while since she had listened to the tape, and she couldn't remember any naughty words. Heck, the school board had approved the tape, so it was hard to imagine there was anything even mildly risque on the tape."

"What naughty words did they use?"

"They used the 'd' word and the 'f' word."

"You were right to stop listening and come tell me about it."

After class, she went to the listening lab to check on the tape.

The second song was "Old Dan Tucker".
Cheri told this story about her husband Roger.

They had recently bought an XM radio. The cables for the radio are quite pricey, at $30 a pop.

It seems one of their cats, Miss Kitty, had chewed through one cable, and Roger had to buy a new one.

The night the new cable came, Cheri came home and heard Roger talking to someone.

She found him in the study with the cat.

"Now, Miss Kitty, you mustn't chew through the cables," he was saying. His was even shaking his finger at him. Miss Kitty just looked at him.
I was serenading DJ this morning. I even wrote new words to an old song, just for her:

Oh, what a beautiful kitty!
Oh, what a beautiful kitty!
Oh, what a beautiful kitty!
There's twelve purrs to the kitty,
Ahah lay loo yuh!

There's three purrs when she eats,
Three purrs when she sleeps,
Three purrs when she plays,
Three purrs through the day.
Twelve purrs to the kitty,
Ahah lay loo yuh!

Three purrs when she naps,
Three purrs in my lap,
Three purrs through the night,
Three purrs, she's alright!
Twelve purrs to the kitty,
Ahah lay loo yuh!

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