Monday, May 02, 2005

My Suburban Saturday

I was awakened at 5:15 by my faithful furry alarm clock. DJ has yet to discern the subtle diffference between work day and weekend, and whether her food bowl is full or not, she expects that it should be attended to. She also likes to play at that hour. She'll bring one of her mice, drop it strategically onto one of my many "soft bits", and prepare herself for a nice round of catch.

Getting up at this hour presented some choices - to shower or not? Eat out or in? How soon shall I go out and mow?

Obviously, one answer affected all the others. If I was to eat out - even at my favorite greasy spoon - I'd feel more comfortable after a shower. However, I was planning to mow the lawn, and I wasn't wild about showering twice. But mowing wasn't going to happen until it was light - about 6:30ish.

Another factor which affected all this deliberation was the fact that the greasy spoon wouldn't open until 6:00, about 30 minutes away by this point. As I reflected on the situation, holding onto my money seemed the best choice. My hair was oily, as it often is in the morning, so I jumped in the shower just long enough to wash the oil out. This was my idea of a compromise on the whole showering controversy.

I had my typical repast of mixed cereals - mostly whole grains, unsweetened, with a bit of granola. I had fresh-brewed coffee, something I don't always treat myself to at home (even on the weekend). Then I settled in at the computer.

I edited and posted the pictures I mention below, then wrote that entry. I viewed Dr. Omed's collage book with great appreciation. By now, it was a little past 8:00. Although it was a bit chilly, and I was reluctant to go out, I was well aware that I would get warm once I started moving around.

I was wearing one of my heavy all-cotton shirts and a sort of hunting jacket/shirt which I had inherited years ago. Sure enough, by the time I had finished mowing the front yard, I didn't need that jacket any longer.

By the time I finished mowing the back yard, I was struck by an inspiration: edging. Trimming the hedges.

You have to understand that on the average Saturday my definition of "yard work" is limited to mowing the lawn. But I had the time and the inclination, so why not?

Out came the traditional implements of destruction - pruning shears, manual hedge trimmer, saw and weed whacker. I've often thought the modern version of the Grim Reaper should be pictured with a weed whacker (the traditional sickle having perhaps lost its impact).

As I was trimming the grass around the little window garden at the front of the house, I decided it was past time to try to dig up the dead bush at the west end of the garden. As it turned out, I lacked the tools for this project; but I made a good start.

I began all this around 8:30. When I sawed off the last branch in the back yard, it was 11:30.

I had somewhere to be by 2, so it was time to do some running. Well, shower first, obviously, then running.

ATM, to get cash for the week.

Thrift shop, to get a pair of jeans (and a novelty tie, as it turned out).

McCrapples, to get the semblance of sustenance.

At 2, I went to meet Alexandria at her place. We carpooled to see the Edmond Arts Festival. The festival was arranged down about four blocks worth of Broadway, which is a main drag in Edmond (it's also State Highway 77).

We had seen every thing we had energy for by 4:00 or so. As I said at the time, we'd seen everything at least once and a few things twice.

Alexandria had two treats: tasting some Oklahoma wine, and hearing Edgar Cruz. Edgar Cruz is a dynamic guitarist, whose style mixes classical, flamenco, and rock. One of his finest transciptions is Queen's "Bohemmian Rhapsody", and Alexandria got to hear him perform it.

We went back to her apartment afterwords. She puttered in her garden as I read a back issue of Parabola and visited with her cats, Shadow and Martin.

Martin, the living meatloaf. No, really, I'm serious. Picture that B. Kliban cartoon that compares a cat with a meatloaf, then picture a creature about one and a half times bigger, and you've got the picture.

I left Alexandria's house between 4:30 and 5, got home, and eased into my customary vegetative state.

Woke up Sunday morning with several muscle groups talking rather sternly to me, especially those around my shoulders.

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