Sunday, January 10, 2010

She's Got You

I discovered this Patsy Cline classic through Rosanne Cash's latest release, The List. I chose not to change the pronoun, but have made a minor alteration in the last verse.

Just to brag for a moment, this video represents the third time I've sung the song. Additionally, I'm transposing in my head as I read the lead sheet (in C) off the computer; I'm playing in A.

I've been playing with the lyrics since this recording, and am considering some further variation on the bridge and final verse:
I've got your memory — or has it got me?
I really don't know, I only know it's not meant to be.

I've got the ring back I gave to you
It still shines as bright as when you were true
The only thing different, the only thing new,
I've got these simple things, she's got you