Friday, August 20, 2010

Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Darkness

I will go where the darkness dwells
In highest heaven or blackest hell.
When I open the cup
When I close the book
When I drink it up
When I steal a look
I go to the darkness.

You studied love at the Thunderbird Ranch
What you do with the moonlight
Makes the night bird blanch
But you're holding your own
You've learned all the moves
You're already open
With nothing to prove
To the darkness.

They call it the darkness, baby,
Though it's bright as the day is long.
It makes a strong man humble,
And a weak man strong
For the darkness.

I think I see where you stand tonight
With your back pressed against the light.
It's no secret now
You won't sing my praise
When the glory comes
At the end of days
With the darkness.

They call it the darkness, baby,
But I don't know why:
It makes a beggar handsome,
Makes a rich man cry
In the darkness.

Now, tell me Lady,
What do you believe?
Is it shoots and ladders
Or smoke & leaves?
You've got your tale
But it's not for sale
It's sincerely broken
By a nine inch nail
In the darkness.