Friday, July 23, 2004

U.S. Casualties in Iraq

Received via e-mail.
Many of you probably know that the US Death toll reached 900+ yesterday. A friend of mine did a little research to give a little more depth to that number:

Out of 1022 total coalition deaths, 901 are Americans, 61 are British, and 60 are from other allied countries.

I'm sure glad we have a "coalition", instead of going it on our own.

So far we've had 3331 soldiers wounded badly enough that they could not return to duty.
Our total number of wounded is 5394.
409 of those have happened since June 30th.

Out of all deaths, 25% have been non-combat related:
Hostile fire75974.3%
Non-combat related26325.7%
Total 1022
Data from:
which aggregates the data from the following sources:

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