Saturday, April 07, 2007

Station: Holy Saturday

Beloved Daughter, Blessed Mother,
this is your son.
Do not look upon this broken body;
look to your right.
Adopt the young face you look upon.
Beloved Friend, this is your mother.

I thirst.

This is not my dancing day.
I cannot dance on this wormy wood.

Beloved daughter,
will you not leave this place?
Beloved friend,
will you not shield your mother's face
from this horror?

I thirst.

Hear my voice.
I cry from the horns of unicorns.
Bulls of Bashan surround me.
I am a reproach of men,
they laugh and mock me.
They gave me a robe in jest,
now they gamble for it.

Daddy! hear my voice.
Forgive them.
Bless this mother.
Preserve this adopted son.

I thirst for life
I thirst for love
I thirst for forgiveness
I thirst for compassion
I thirst for justice

Father, have I completed
the work you gave me to do?

It is finished.

They took the body down.
It was laid
in a stranger's tomb.
A stone was rolled unto the door of the tomb.
And Mary Magdalene
and Mary the mother of Joses
beheld where he was laid.

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Anonymous said...

Interestng use of your creative talents!