Thursday, September 09, 2004

Oakerhater Honor Dance

You are invited to the Oakerhater Honor Dance this Saturday, September 11, beginning at approximately 2 pm. The dance is an annual pow wow to honor St David Pendelton Oakerhater, a Cheyenne warrior who became a Deacon and is the only Oklahoma Saint. This is the only pow wow with a Eucharist.

We invite all peoples to dance, worship, and share an Indian Supper. Come to some or all of the events and I promise you will enjoy the experience.

Example of Ledger Art

Above, you see an example of ledger art. This work was among a group of Oakerhater's effects recently donated to the Cathedral by Nellie Burnham, great granddaughter of Mary D. Burnham, a Deaconess who supported Oakerhater's work. According to art historian Mary Jo Watson, this particular piece may not have been done by Oakerhater, but it is certainly done in his "style". It was almost certainly produced during the time David Pendleton and his friends were being held as "enemy combatants" in a Florida prison.

Write me if you would like to come, and need directions.


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