Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Another Dream

This dream came Monday morning.

Her name isn't really Sarah, but that's what I'll call her in this dream. Once, we were an item, and seemed destined for each other. But she ultimately chose to be with someone else.

I was at an indoor stadium concert, like the third or fourth tier up. Suddenly, I saw Sarah, far below. She was in the second tier.

For some reason, I had to go under the grandstands to get to her, and there were people seated in this area as well. There were stairs, so I had to squeeze between people, sometimes narrowly missing purses and such, in order to go down.

I suppose I stepped over two or three groups of folk before I magically appeared by Sarah's side. The one she had chosen was not with her; he had chosen to stay home.

Somehow, I convinced her that it would be ok to sit together.

Then the stadium became like a large vacant house. I picked her up to carry her through a doorway. Don't remember why.

I was pretty deep in REM when this dream came. I had to really brush the cobwebs out of my mind to get moving toward my waking life.

Otherwise, I'd say this was a wish-fulfillment dream.

Or, the dream Sarah has no connection to the real Sarah, and the dream has to do with changing relationships.

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