Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Colliding Blog Picture

In my entry "When Blogs Collide", I mention that pictures from a historic meeting would soon be posted.

To review, and save you the trouble of clicking back & forth — about two weeks ago, I attended the Conestoga Science Fiction Convention in Tulsa, OK, and was a member of a blogging panel. I was there at the behest and invitation of the Rt Rev Dr. Omed; we were joined by the justly famous Paulapalooza, her husband James, and her children Thing One and Thing Two.

The good doctor and I attended high school around the same time, and have been friends ever since. Ms. P and Dr. Omed became acquainted through the Salon community, and have become good friends within that community. As fun as it was to see Dr O again, it was especially exciting to meet Paula and her family. And impressive that she would drive almost two and a half hours for the dubious distinction of meeting us.

Pictures were taken, and one is now available at Dr. Omed's Tent Show. Paula is the pretty one. Dr. Omed is wearing a name badge and clerical collar. I'm the one who looks like an extra from The Exorcist: The Beginning.

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