Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Free Lady Liberty!

In spite of an increased terrorist threat against New York's financial districts, the Statue of Liberty was re-opened this past weekend. One must ask, what does Lady Liberty stand for today?

Can Lady Liberty abide terrorist threats that are based on three-year old information? Threats that seem carefully timed to keep the public fearful and reluctant to change?

Did Lady Liberty stand in the "Free Speech Zones" in Boston? The protestors where literally in cages beneath an overpass. This sounds more like a variation on an interment camp than free speech to me. By definition, Free Speech cannot be restricted to one "zone" or another.

Does Lady Liberty stand with ordinary American citizens who have been jailed for displaying anti-Bush sentiments during the Chickenhawk-in-Chief's public appearances? (See also this editorial from the Springfield News-Leader)

Does Lady Liberty stand with those who love America?

Is Lady Liberty proud to be an American, or does she long to return to France? Well, maybe not France, but you get my point.

Note that my final two links are to Patti Davis and Ron Reagan, Jr (in that order), both children of Ronald Reagan, 40th President of the US. Both have harsh words to say about the man who briefly tried to wear a Reagan mask. I think it's a safe bet that we'll hear a lot more about Pres. Reagan during the Repugnant Convention later this month. In fact, I'll make a bold prediction:

We will hear as much about Pres. Reagan, favorably comparing the Chimp-in-Chief to him, as we heard about John Kerry's little foray up the Mekon.

Will Lady Liberty attend the Repugnant Convention? Only if she signs the appropriate loyalty oath, pledging to vote for the Chimp. Only if she is prepared to turn her back on every ideal she ever symbolized. Only if she is taking very strong anti-nausea medications.

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