Friday, August 20, 2004

Dame Julian

DJ studies the door
"I wonder if I could dig my way out?"

DJ stalks my shoe
Here, DJ is on her blanket, and is about to pounce on my shoe. A word about that blanket: it is a very soft baby blanket, which had been left behind by one of the previous tenants of this house. I laundered it exceptionally well before I passed it on to this new "baby". I thought it might make nice bedding for DJ, but she doesn't seem to use it for that purpose (near as I can tell).

We've got a new game. She has a rabbit fur spider that she especially loves to attack. This past week, she has been bringing it conveniently within my arm's reach. She drops it, I pick it and dangle it, then toss it across the room. She runs and gets it, then brings it back to my side of the room. She eventually will drop it close to me, and the game begins again. I wouldn't go so far as to claim that she's playing "fetch", but it's as close as a kitten is likely to get.

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