Friday, August 13, 2004

Saved by the Cat

Look at those eyes!
Dame Julian, aka "DJ," earned her keep this week. It was Tuesday morning, and I had a few minutes to sit in the living room as she playfully raced around. I was holding my cup of tea in my right hand, dangling off the edge of the recliner. DJ was running around the room, dashed across the couch (on my right), then bumped my tea. Which then spilled on my dress slacks.

I was not amused. It was now closing in on the time I normally leave for work, and I wasn't sure I had the time to change pants. On the other hand, I couldn't very well go through the morning with a wet spot near my lap. So, I went into the bedroom to see how bad it was.

That's when I realised the pants didn't match my shirt. Ooops! So, I quickly changed, gave DJ a "thank you" pet, and rushed out the door.

DJ at rest
Here, we see the Lady in a calmer moment. Few creatures can relax as completely and thoroughly as a cat. And her relaxation was an inspiration for me.

The interesting thing about the above picture is that it's one of a series in which I held the camera a reasonable distance from myself in hopes of capturing a good picture of my feline companion. This is one of a couple successful shots.

Remember who's boss!
Lest we be mislead into believing the Dame is helpless, she here displays her agressive side. Either that, or she's tired of modeling (again).

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