Friday, August 27, 2004

Strange Dreams

I don't normally remember my dreams. But this week, I've had a couple of curious dreams. The first, Sunday night, is getting funnelled into a poem. The second happened early Thursday morning. All the names are people I know in my waking life.

In this dream, I somehow convinced Toni on to go on a date with me. Now, I haven't seen Toni in my waking life for over three years, yet here she was making a cameo appearance in my dream. And yes, I did have a crush on her, and did really ask her out — and was very sweetly turned down.

Back to the dream: she gave me directions to her place which were of the landmark variety: "you top this hill, and there's a convenience store on the right; my house is just around the corner from that store." Amazingly, I found my way straight to her house.

Oddly, we chose to go to some fastfood Donut Hut type place. I guess it was a "coffee" date. Toni was served right away. I had to wait.

And wait.

And wait.

While I was waiting, I noticed a copy of the Yellow Pages laying on a near-by counter. Someone had written on the cover. Curious, I picked it up, only to discover it was a recipe in my cousin Kathi's handwriting. I was wondering what Kathi was doing in Moore, OK (where Toni once lived). Kathi is currently in Africa, after all; when in America, her home base is in Truckee, California.

Finally, I got tired of waiting. I told the clerk she would lose my business if I was not served within two minutes. I got served.

So, Toni and I went to a table. On our way there, I saw cousin Gerry (Kathi's brother). I called to him, and he playfully ran in the opposite direction (this seems odder when you realize that Gerry is at least 3-4 years my senior). We continued this game for a little bit, then I
convinced Gerry to come over and meet Toni.

When we got to the table, Gerry immediately sat in Toni's lap and stretched back length-wise across it. He was also playfully flirting with her. Interestingly, the figure playing Toni's part no longer looked like the Toni I knew in waking life; where Toni had moderate-length blonde hair, this woman had long dark hair.

Anyway, at this point I remembered the cover of those Yellow Pages, and started to get it to ask Gerry if it really was Kathi's handwriting.

The world may never know.

I woke up.

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