Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Added to the Blog-Roll

Just added three sites to the "Regularly Visited" list to your left:
    Correction, by Matthias, is a journal concerning his journey toward the ordained ministry in the Methodist church. His blog hardly needs my endorsement, as he recently received a plug from the very popular Real Live Preacher. But "Correction" is a blog I read whenever he updates it. He also has a list of Christian links which are on the liberal end of the scale. I enjoy reading these, when I can, as they help me feel less lonely in this Bible Belt wasteland
The other two links are poetry related:
  • Jill Jones' Ruby Street is just getting started, but looks like it will be good. Jill is a native of Australia, and brings that unique cultural perspective to her sense of poetics. Plus, Jill was kind enough to blog-roll this space, despite the fact that I've been focused on religion the past couple of weeks.
  • Stick Poet Super Hero, by Michael Wells, has the most intriguing title of the blogs I regularly visit. If he has explained where that title came from, I missed the post. I've made reference to Michael's blog before, especially in connection with his "Blog Sweeps Week", and felt it was past time I included his site in my permanent blog-roll.

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