Thursday, January 01, 2004

Feast of the Holy Name

Reading. Matthew 1:18-25 and Luke 2:15-21

My name is blessed
My name was given me
while I was being knit in the womb
My name has a purpose
which guides my feet
in paths of truth & beauty
My father heard my name in a dream
he heard my name
as if whispered through a veil
My mother heard my name while spinning
She heard my name whispered by the yarn
as it flowed through
her long slender fingers
She heard my name
and said yes
then stored the moment
in a tender chamber of her heart.
My name is blessed
may I grow into the fullness of my name

Blessed are you, o Lord,
for you knock thrice
before entering
Blessed are you
for you bring new light
into this house
Blessed are you
for you supply
the humble tools to build a new year
Blessed are you for you
   open the eye
   cleanse the ear
   prepare the heart
that I may be clothed
in holiness and righteousness
as I confront the dark
and the lying liars who serve the dark
Blessed are you
close to hand
but also alive in eternity
Be my companion this day
and forevermore.

Contemplation.There is the name your parents gave you, and the secret name you hold in your heart. This is the name which will lead your pilgrimage into the coming year. What tools do you have to confront negativity, lies, deceit, and violence? What tools do you need? Your name will be a good clue. Recognize your gifts and use them; humbly admit your weaknesses, and strive to strengthen them.

See Ephesians 6:14-18 for a variant metaphor on clothing oneself to confront "the forces of darkness".

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