Saturday, January 31, 2004

New Look

I've been wanting to over-haul the look of this page for some time. Finally created the time to do just that yesterday. Hopefully, you are now seeing the result. While I appreciated the ready-made Blogger template I had been using before, it used a number of nested tables, and it was always challenging to figure out what was happening where.

The layout you see today uses two tables. That's right, only two. It also only uses one image, that little picture on the upper left-hand side. Watch that image — it will likely change frequently. My hope is that down-load time will improve with less images being part of the standard lay-out. I've posted a few images in the main content area, but tend to be somewhat conservative about that.

I do have one or two regular readers from across the water, and they reportedly are still depending on dial-up connections. I'm sympathetic, since my home connection is currently dial-up.

To my eye, this lay-out looks nice and clean. Let me know what you think!

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