Thursday, January 08, 2004

Self Reflecting

Dave Pollard recently made a statement on his blog "How to Save the World" which caught my attention.  His entry (linked in the previous sentence) has to with what he believes are the ground-breaking ideas concerning the "blogosphere".  Implied in the entry are suggestions for ways to increase one's readership.

The statement which caught my attention came in item number three:
focus on a few subjects and address them profoundly and creatively, instead of talking a bit about everything under the sun; and believe: persevere until your message finds its audience.
Naturally, I asked myself whether I have fulfilled this goal.  In other words, can a reader rely on the same topic(s) being addressed in this space on a regular basis?

Basically, I have used this space for three topics: (1) politics; (2) self-published poetry, and reflections on poetics; and (3) religion.  This latter has received the most attention the past two – three weeks, but I have occasionally addressed politics or poetry during this period. Additionally, the "Meditation" part of my Lectio Divina series is most often a poetic reflection on the reading in question.  Which I hope counts as a "two-fer".

My only concern is that I may have lost some of the readers who came primarily for the poetry or the political discourse, and find themselves turned off by the current religious emphasis. 

Given my mercurial nature, I take it for granted my focus will shift away from religion fairly soon. Will I lose the readers who appreciate the religious discourse, but disagree with my politics?

I'd appreciate your thoughts.  Take a moment to leave a comment below. Or, if you prefer a more private means of communication, e-mail me at

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