Monday, January 05, 2004


Reading.  John 11:17-44

I don't know how long I lay dead
I do remember I had denied you
more than three times
But still you called my name.

In the midst of the darkness
you called my name
I had been rejected by my friends
and she who once said she loved me
yet you called my name
I had been exiled to the wilderness
yet you called my name
I had chosen to dwell
in the precincts of the land of Nod
yet you called my name
My face was a scandal
my name was a warning to children
yet you called my name

"Come forth," you said,
and I still walk
closer to the path of light
for you called my name.

Life Giver
I give thanks
for daily new beginnings.
Redeemer of the Lost,
I give thanks you have called me.
May I rejoin society today
fully alive & fully empowered
to walk in your Way.
May it be ever so.

Jesus' aside to the Father is an interesting narrative device. I wonder if this inspired the notion that we should pray for special requests as if they are already in progress or have already happened.

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