Sunday, January 04, 2004

Yesterday's Lectio

Reading. John 6:15-29

Meditation. "How might we work the works of God?"
"Believe on him whom God hath sent." (KJV)

I believe, help strengthen me
where I do not believe.
How to walk with faith?
That the air be filled with your presence.
I believe.
I seek to walk
with the Heart of Creation
I seek a tree's wisdom
   a flower's knowledge
   a wolf's cunning
   a cardinal's song
My heart opens to you
and is filled with your glory
My eye seeks you
in the heights and in the depths
My eye expects the Celestial Rose
and is suprised to find you
walking beside me
My ear strains to hear your voice
coming across the water
telling me to come walk.
But your voice is neither thunder
nor stillness; nor yet
the beating of my heart.
Your voice instructs me
to simply walk in this moment
holding ever in heart how I have been fed

The only work required is that I believe. What does belief imply? What action, if any, follows belief?

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