Friday, January 23, 2004

Captain Kangaroo Died!

Click the picture to read the NY Times' in-depth obituary of Bob Keeshan, who most of my generation knew as Captain Kangaroo. I will admit a bit of sadness at his passing, just as I was when Fred Rogers passed away.

One detail I had known prior to reading the obit — Mr. Keeshan began the Captain Kangaroo program the year I was born. So, it would seem I grew up with him. Certainly, in looking back, he filled the role of grandfather for me.

Capt. Kangaroo introduced me to the world of Curious George, and it seems like I first saw Gumby on Capt. K. I learned knock-knock jokes from Mr. Moose, and gained an appreciation of nature through Mr. Greenjeans.

Guess it's one more little sign that I'm growing older, and maybe some of my sadness comes from that. But, since I integrated Capt. K as a grandfather figure, it's almost equivalent to loosing one of my grandfathers again.

Well, I suppose the editorial cartoonists will be picturing Fred Rogers greeting Bob Keeshan in some fashion. If they are greeting each other, I imagine they are commiserating over how Americans have chosen to sell their children to the highest bidder.

Oh ... don't get me started!

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