Friday, January 23, 2004

Blog Top Five

Michael Wells, who posts at Stick Poet Superhero, now lists the top five blogs each week. This is no doubt less labor-intensive than the Blog Sweeps Week Michael sponsored about a month back. As you may recall, this space won that sweeps.

Well, this week "Love During Wartime" ranked third. I will admit that I'm extremely flattered.

But I'm also a tad frustrated, because I don't know what I did this week that made the space better than it was last week. I'm sympathetic to Michael's position — well, what I imagine the position to be anyway — writing even a brief explanation for each of the top 5 blogs would take some time. And, I suppose it's possible that I ranked in the top 10 — just not high enough to be listed.

I've had some interesting visitors the past few weeks. Folk from Singapore, Finland, and New Zeeland have dropped in, according to the stats site. The day after my entry about the State of the Union speech, I got a hit from a government agency as well as Comedy Central. As for the latter, I doubt they found any new gags here.

Anyway, thanks, Michael. Whether you explain your reasons or not, its nice to know someone is reading on a semi-regular basis.

I know a couple others who read almost daily ... one who prefers to remain anonymous (we'll call her "Pam"), and another person who signs him/her-self "Giddy". Thanks to you guys too. Don't know if I could keep this up if I didn't hear back from you now & again.

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