Friday, January 09, 2004

Down from the Mountain

The time comes, at last, to come down from the mountain. I was on Winter Break Monday, December 22 through Friday, January 2. This has been my first full week at work.

A post-dated entry under January 4 reflects some of my reservations about returning to work: living according to someone else's schedule, following orders, so on.

Not that I don't like my job. But I realized, about the time I originally wrote that entry, that my break had been a sort of religious retreat. Thanks to my whimsical choice to do daily Lectio Divina, I started each day with a religious emphasis. Which naturally affected my outlook. Coupled with spending my time as fancy dictated (most days), it really was like time at a monastery.

So: what's it been like? I woke up at 5:30 or 6:00 almost every morning during break. This week, I've been lucky to wake up at 6:00. Which means that I really haven't had time to do the Lectio as well as I had been. Nor have I had the time to do any sort of poetic "word doodles" (as I called it about a month ago).

What writing you have seen here has been "squeezed in" during work. Or, as I run out the door. Which, I suspect, has affected the quality of the writing.

Oh, I expect I'll get back into a routine - my goal is to wake up at 5:30 and do some sort of writing which will ultimately be shared in this space. But I do miss the luxury of writing at home, with a warm cuppa by my side.

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