Saturday, January 10, 2004

The Fox

long snout
crazy clever

twisted dark
paths of my

breaks through
to shy ventricle
of heart

musty love house
for eggs

goes higher
looks through my eyes
i see as fox

weary crafty mask
smelling sky
for new spirit
Inspired by "foxy" poems at Dr. Omed's Tent Show and Ms. Candide's Thistle & Hemlock. Trying to convey quickness of fox through the short lines. Good experiment, plus it moves me away from the religious obsession.
By the way, in case you did enjoy the Lectio Divina, I will post one now & again. Just not every single day. In reading over the past few, I think I was moving from emotion to intellect, and I really wanted that discipline to focus on emotion. So, I'm taking a break from it from a while.

In other words, back to our regularly scheduled occasional poetry.... Who knows? Might post a couple high school poems, just for giggles.

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