Friday, January 16, 2004

Going Burroughs

Dear Sir,
as we have very surprising on September 23, 2003
contact before I raid the family farm
this transaction being accused of providing housing
person of transparency, person in his home
high caliber person
introducing myself to Rashid Taan Kazim
brother and personal Party Regional Chairman
Charles Taylor, the former illegal persons
I got nothing from the home
I apologize if I believe the arrest of Ihsan
You may know that my tip from someone
is facing farmland or discredit
The rebels that Ihsan got
Brother Charles charges but was now
warning that he should vacate the firearms
before serious military at the time of the
moment he is presently one legal gun in the house
Nigeria as a political refugee would be freed
In which I do a cut-up in the style of William S. Burroughs. On the left was one of those Nigerian spam e-mails, on the right was a news report from Iraq.

Well, it's an interesting experiment.

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