Tuesday, January 20, 2004


  1. Berry:: bright
  2. Fiendish:: plot
  3. Bar:: tar
  4. Frank:: 'n' Furter
  5. Bend:: it
  6. Fanatic:: tyrant
  7. Belch:: worth
  8. Flagrant:: misdemeanor
  9. Burden:: beast
  10. Flimsy:: plan
This week's words, and alternate responses, are at LunaNiña.com
berry bright, star tonight
unfold your fiendish plan
sit at the bar with the tar
eat a fran'n'furter
then, "bend it like Beckham"
every fanatic a tyrant
whose got a belch worth squat
commits the flagrant misdemeanor
of being the burden & the beast
when executing the flimsy plan
Reckon Lewis Carroll got started this way?

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