Thursday, January 08, 2004

Living Waters

Reading. John 7:37-52

Living waters
ever fresh, ever flowing
Water from a fresh running stream
Cool clear water
free of chlorine or silt
Tastes better than tap or bottled water
I may walk commerce aisles
I may wander cubicle mazes
I may feel parched in the cold desert
Yet the stream burbles up
from the depths of my spirit
In a quiet moment
I seek this stream
rediscover it between clock ticks
I take a healthy draught
drink til my mouth overflows
and water runs down the sides
I am refreshed
moment by moment
I am renewed
with each passing second
I am reborn
as I claim the spirit within.

I give thanks for the water
I give thanks for the bread
I rejoice in my maturing
I rejoice for the diadem on my heart
I honor the approaching Buddha
I honor the devout atheist
I bow to the sunrise
I drink in its setting.

I stood by the water
and drank the wind
blowing across the lake.
I give thanks that my spirit was refreshed.

Am I called to help others recognize the stream within them? Or am I to serve only as an example?

Grant that I may spend this day wading in those spiritual waters.

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