Sunday, January 18, 2004

Lectio: Epiphany 2

ReadingIsaiah 62:1-5.

Meditation. Lost my words, lost
things to say
but Second Isaiah
comes out of the wilderness
preceded by cloud of fire
carrying a diadem in his hand.
Well, it's early in the morning,
not even a thin line of pink,
across the eastern sky.
But a cloud of flame
precedes the hand with the diadem.
Second Isaiah says:
"No longer will your soul
be called 'Desolate';
no longer will your heart
be called 'Hermit';
no longer will your spirit
be called 'Deserted'."
Second Isaiah says:
"Today, you receive a new name,"
and places the crown on my heart;
"today, you will be called
   'Complete Within Yourself'"
and stirs the fire into my soul;
"you will be called
   'Beloved Child of God'"
and breathed upon me;
"you will be called
   'Dwelling in Eternity'"
and renews a right spirit within me.

Grant, gracious lover,
that I ever be aware of the crown
you placed within me at birth.
Grant my eyes be clear
to see your presence
in every rock, tree, and hill,
in the soaring eagle
and in the sky beyond the eagle.
Grant I may ever more
grow into a faithful lover
that I may come to resemble you
and be an icon of your presence
to a hurting, fractured, world.

Contemplation. What does it mean to be "married" to God? How does the miracle at Cana (John 2:1-11) comment on this passage?

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