Friday, December 09, 2005

Friday's Cat

DJ and anchovy
Thanks to my new camera - which can shot 3 frames per second - I can now take more accurate action shots of the Lady. These four are selected from about ten I took last night as DJ was playing with her treat.

The treat in question was purchased at the health food store. It's a dried anchovy. She responded to it like a fish - in the first shot, you can see her batting it around.

The final shot tells the whole story - with that small pink tongue licking her delicate lips.
Remember I mentioned last Friday that I was worried about the Lady tearing up Christmas decorations? Ironically, I accidentally shut her in the closet where I store those decorations on Monday. She did not disturb them, near as I can tell.

My theory is she couldn't "see" them, because there was no light to make them glitter. Also, the space I found her was relatively small, and did not provide easy access to the tree. She did more damage to the carpet.

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