Friday, December 02, 2005

Show of Hands

Show of Hands
Photocopy by Dr. Omed, color by Jac.

Thought I'd post this in honor of the "hand" theme Dr. Omed has followed for his past few entries.

The image was scanned from my large journal. The closest poem (on the previous page) is dated 1982. This image is dated 11/7. I think the image pre-dates the poem. Seems like Dr. Omed was working at the Sex Palace Theater, and living in a walk-up hovel at the time.

If you look very, very closely, you might see "Show of Hands" typed just to the right of the hand. You've got better eyes than me if you can make it out. I can barely make out the words on the original photocopy.

The good doctor typed that line of letters his own self, on his manual typewriter. He passed the photocopy on to your correspondent, with directions to color it in an interesting way. I was trying out new ink brushes (the ink was stored in the barrel, and the "brush" was very fine plastic threads). So - I hope the result was interesting.

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