Friday, December 09, 2005

Snow Day

RevGal Friday Five
  1. Snow: love it or hate it?
    Love it when fresh and new. Not so much when driving in it (Oklahoma drivers are especially poor when confronted with the smallest hint of the white stuff)
  2. First snow memory
    Building a very small snow man in the front yard. There were just a few inches on the ground, but I was bound and determined to make a snow man. I don't remember my exact age - but would guess younger than 5.
  3. Best Snow Day ever (actual or imagined)
    We'd had a nice wet snow in University Town, and someone created combination snow and ice sculptures. They were mammoth productions - eight to nine feet tall, on average. My recollection is they lasted two or three days.
  4. Best use of snow in a movie, song, book or poem
    Do I have to settle for only one? The first that comes to mind is the short story "Silent Snow, Secret Snow" by Conrad Aiken , which is far from a comforting tale. "Night Gallery" did a version of this, narrated by Orson Welles.
    A more charming use is in the movie Groundhog Day. Use of snow as metaphor for Bill Murray's character: discuss.
  5. What you are planning to do today, with or without snow?
    Work. Blog. Play as expedient. No snow predicted today - temperatures are expected to reach 40. The mercury may reach 50 over the weekend, which will facilitate my mad plan to do some Christmas shopping.

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